Revolutionize Indigenous Studies and Empowerment – Borneo

You believe in open access and inclusive research?

You want your research to be visible globally?

You want indigenous knowledge to be documented, preserved, and transmitted?

Do you believe in minority cultural empowerment and the writing of a new Malaysian history from the indigenous perspective?

Break down the barriers! Be part of the R.I.S.E Borneo Project!


We are looking for new, primary research material on Indigenous Knowledge Systems from Malaysian Borneo to build the first collection of Borneo Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions at the Library of Congress (USA). We are also conducting an exploratory search for materials on Orang Asli communities in the Malaysian Peninsula.

    Join the R.I.S.E:

    1. Make your research visible and accessible globally
    2. Contribute to the preservation of Borneo indigenous knowledge system
    3. Create new tools for indigenous cultural empowerment & the reclamation of indigenous history
    4. Be part of a unique collection in the largest library in the world


    *RISE Borneo is a non-profit initiative by World Wonderers (WoW) with the support of our sponsors and partners.


    You can be part of the R.I.S.E Borneo by following two simple steps.

    1. Upload your CV and a summary of your research material in 200 words or less on our website.
    2. Wait to hear from us; and if you think it is not fast enough then drop us an email!



    WoW is a global social enterprise based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a team of hyper-active thinkers and funny academics developing creative solutions to empower minorities. Together, we create more sustainable and equitable societies by building the capacity of indigenous communities to mobilize against intolerance and exclusion, amplify the voices of marginalized populations, namely women and girls, and foster stronger movements for equality.

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