PITCH – Preservation of Indigenous Traditions and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Our project aims to preserve and reclaim the history of Bornean indigenous communities whilst promoting indigenous rights. For 5 years, together with our local partners, we will collect analyze and archive oral histories, and create the first collection of Borneo Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions at the Library of Congress (USA) in partnership with Malaysian museums. We will also contribute to the dissemination and transmission of this knowledge in Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities using educational tools, training young community leaders to continue the preservation of Indigenous knowledge, and engaging the public through public discussion and democratic inclusion workshops.


To Empower minority groups in Borneo towards reclaiming their histories and political agency.


To reclaim the historical narrative is to regain political agency. We will collect, archive and disseminate knowledge of Borneo indigenous heritage and traditions to contribute to its transmission, restore the national narrative and advocate for democratic inclusion of indigenous communities with a particular emphasis on women and girls.

As Seen On Astro Awani

Sharaad Kuttan speaks to political anthropologist Sophie Lemiere, founder of World Wonderers, about World Wonderers digital cultural heritage preservation and community empowerment project in Sabah and Sarawak called PITCH – Preservation of Indigenous Intangible Traditions and Cultural Heritage.

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